The AfterPic Programme

Had a workout with AC today. So was running ideas through with AC, explaining him my current programme. It’s essentially taking one’s 5 rep-max (RM) weight and working with it until you can do 10 reps, and then jumping up the weight. Well, when great minds come together, good things happen, and his suggestion was to increase the weight instead of the reps, and to do a little fine tuning.

We thought it’d be a great idea to have two types of workout, one a strength workout, with a weight you can do 3 reps for, and one you do with your 10 rep-max, a more mass-oriented rep range. You then alternate between the workouts, between sessions. So, in essence, the two week cycle will look like this:

Week 1, Day 1

  • Dead lift with 3 RM
  • Bench with 3 RM

Week 1, Day 2

  • Squat with 3 RM
  • Bench with 10 RM

Week 2, Day 1

  • Dead lift with 10 RM
  • Bench with 3 RM

Week 2, Day 2

  • Squat with 10 RM
  • Bench with 10 RM

I hope that makes sense.

I’m working out 3-4 times a week, with the other workout being an hour’s five-a-side football and sometimes a bit of tennis, with some active recovery on the other days too. My waist circumference has leveled out. I’m content to not be too limited with my diet for now and enjoy some desserts and the odd nicer thing in life like a beer.

A friend of mine who has competed at a powerlifting meet wants me to join him next time, in November, so I’m really up for that, so I’ll be carrying on with my current programme and worrying about getting my weight down to 83kg nearer the time.

Made one FOB personal best today, squatting 104kg for 10 reps. The bench I managed 101kg for 3 reps. I’m concentrating on not bouncing the weight so I can go competition style, though AC did see a little bounce on the first rep. Feeling happy with how things are going, and looking forward to implementing the ‘AfterPic Programme’ (APP) routine. I’m an estimated 40kg from my highest ever total of squat, bench and deadlift. I think this equates to 2 to 3 months’ more of sticking to the regular working out, and then it’s ‘to infinity, and beyond’!

Thanks for reading if you made it this far! Please add a comment if you feel so inclined!

Grinding away

Did just a lone workout yesterday as for one reason or the other the boys couldn’t make it. I could feel that I wasn’t going to get an extra rep on the bench press – the first warm up set felt heavy and the second set, with the full weight, I only just grounded out rep 5, my current maximum, seriously slow. So the third set I did military press. I managed to get an extra rep on that.

I have been wondering how to split the various planes with the upper body (e.g military press, bench press, dips) without, say, doing them all and having a really long and exhausting workout, or having a setup where you apportion weeks to one and rest the other planes, but what I did today seems to be a good model… i.e. do no more than three sets, but alternate between them as you feel. I’m quite bench-press oriented as I think I might want to compete one day in a powerlifting competition. But in theory, at least, I can balance out the lifts, as I did today. The bench press warmed up my military press effectively. Perhaps another time I’ll use dips to warm up my bench.

So just to clarify, the plan is to do no more than 3 sets for lower, 3 push and 3 pull (today that was the bent-over row and cleaning between the military presses). The first set I warm up with the last weight I passed the 10 rep mark. I then have two sets to try and beat my PB, but it could be a PB on a different lift other than the bench press. I’m glad with how it worked today, because even though getting a PB on the bench press felt like trying to punch through a brick wall, I got a PB on the military press.

Each lift of the different planes should get enough emphasis so it’s not left out for too long. I was in and out in about 50 minutes, which I think is a reasonable time for a workout, and much quicker than how I used to workout.

Crushed the deadlift today by adding two extra reps then upping the weight. Building back up to my former PBs – the bench press is closest and the deadlift the furthest away. There’s no point in publishing those as we are only as good as our last lift!

I have to say I’m loving lifting again – it’s giving my life a purpose. It’s so exciting to go to bed one night knowing that you’re tackling the iron the following day and going for a PB.

I’ve reached a plateau in terms of losing weight. I think I’m happy to just maintain for now, and let the lifts go up. If I were to compete I would try and get myself in the 83kg category.

Cheers guys.

FOB Bests

SW : Bodyweight: 87kg

Squat – 115kg * 5

Deadlift -145.5kg * 6

Bench – 97kg * 5

Military press – 57kg * 5

Chin-up – *8

Followers on the increase

I am very pleased to say with the help and input of JN and AC, we have passed the 100 followers mark and are now approaching 200 followers! JN and AC have helped keep me on point and been useful critics at times. A quick update on the numbers. We’ve started to go a bit heavier:

Bodyweight – 86.5kg (down slightly)

Deadlift – 123kg * 7

Squat – 87kg * 9

Bench press – 85kg * 9

Millitary press – 55kg * 4

As said before I’m going to stick to the 5-10 rep range. I’m surprised my bodyweight hasn’t gone down much, but I think I’m building muscle quite fast. It might be that this rep range works better than going for singles as I always used to during my university years.

An update on the numbers

Keeping track of where I’m starting out from after my long period of slacking off, the numbers I’ve done in the recent weeks are:

Bodyweight: 87kg

Deadlift-87kg * 20

Squat-60kg * 10

Bench-55kg * 19

The squat looks like the weak link but I do go way past parallel. I used to do a lot of all-out 1 rep maxes when training before but I’m going to keep the weight heavy enough but not too heavy. The 10 rep range should be ideal to practice form and avoid any unnecessary injuries at this time.

Momentum building – plus a new member!

We are continuing the impetus that JN helped me to build and have added a new member – AC to the fold. AC joined us for the second and third meets, so we’ve now been going just over two weeks. I have lost about an inch in my waist circumference, going from a 95cm waist to 92cm, and lost 2 lbs in the process. I was hoping to lose a little more than that but I think slow and steady progress is the way to go – alright there might be the odd day or two where you jeopardise yourself by eating a little bit more than you should but if you are making a general effort of getting into good habits, the overall vector should be headed right where you want to go. We haven’t set out specific goals, which some might say is setting up for failure, but we’re aiming for a more flexible, mature and moderate approach to bodybuilding where it doesn’t dominate one’s life. Really, we’re going for a lifestyle, and we’re seeing the weekly meets as a chance to meet up and socialise as well as get fit. There’s no doubt there’s always a little bit of competition going on which is good because it helps us to reach our limits. So far AC has been winning the lion’s share of the comps as the most experienced bodybuilder, but we all have different strengths and approaches and are coming at this from different angles, which makes it interesting. SW has the most interest in the big lifts such as the squat and deadlift and is more of a weight-lifter, JN is keen to build his fitness for the ski season and is the likeliest to develop a six-pack, and AC is the likeliest to crush 10 reps at 100kg on the bench with his huge upper body. We’re all hoping with small changes and persistence we’ll end up just that bit better than where we are now. Who knows how far we could go?

Joining up with a friend

Food Only Bodybuilding has been given a new lease of life! My great friend Jamie has decided that he wants to tone up. I need to do the same thing, but we’re starting from different directions – Jamie is skinny, and I’m overweight. We’ve taken before-the-transition pictures but since they aren’t very flattering we’re going to save them until we have some decent ‘after’ pics.

We’ve basically got a plan of working out a minimum of twice a week. We have ‘full body Friday’ where we do a circuit at Jamie’s house, and do some wights and chinups and a ‘Stamina Wednesday’ where we go for a run. Quite a simple formula. One concept that we’ve also introduced is that of ‘active recovery’ so we’re now doing 10 pressups every time we go to bed or get out of bed and a 1-minute ski sit before watching TV.

I’ve lost my balls!

I have had two hole-in-ones playing golf. The first hole in one was at a short par 3 locally (circa 70 yards) the second at an award-winning design golf course also locally (circa 140 yards). Both times I was playing alone… I had them somewhere in the house but I can’t find them right now. I rather got angry because of this so I did some exercise (they did eventually turn up). I’ve just done 27 pressups (think I failed on the 28th) and about 100 single-arm rows with a 7kg bar, and now I’m going out for a run. Charlie Puth recommends never mixing your brands, and I like Puma, so I got dressed ready for a late night run, but ended up working on my websites. That’s my life for ya! Anyway I feel calmer now for doing something positive. Here’s a pic of me.

I used to think of myself as more of a sprinter/weightlifter but see the importance of stamina too now, particularly after an old mate described me as a ‘tank’ once – he was playing a lot of squash and I was just hitting the weights up all the time. He actually inspired me to start doing more running.

I’ll use this site for more detailed comment on progress. I’ll keep photos and videos on the Instagram page

2017 starts here

Hi, I’m Samuel Weston, the founder of ‘Food Only Bodybuilding’. I have a background of sports playing; last year it was mostly golf, and weightlifting, which I did a lot of at university. I always remember someone telling me KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) once on an internet forum – that is the philosophy of this endeavour – I want to try and show that we can build strong bodies without taking supplements. The internet can be a great source of information and even wisdom, and I hope that whoever comes across this website gets something from it, unless they’ve come here by mistake! I let myself go a bit over Christmas, but, it’s 2017 now, so here goes ‘Food Only Bodybuilding’!