Followers on the increase

I am very pleased to say with the help and input of JN and AC, we have passed the 100 followers mark and are now approaching 200 followers! JN and AC have helped keep me on point and been useful critics at times. A quick update on the numbers. We’ve started to go a bit heavier:

Bodyweight – 86.5kg (down slightly)

Deadlift – 123kg * 7

Squat – 87kg * 9

Bench press – 85kg * 9

Millitary press – 55kg * 4

As said before I’m going to stick to the 5-10 rep range. I’m surprised my bodyweight hasn’t gone down much, but I think I’m building muscle quite fast. It might be that this rep range works better than going for singles as I always used to during my university years.

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