Momentum building – plus a new member!

We are continuing the impetus that JN helped me to build and have added a new member – AC to the fold. AC joined us for the second and third meets, so we’ve now been going just over two weeks. I have lost about an inch in my waist circumference, going from a 95cm waist to 92cm, and lost 2 lbs in the process. I was hoping to lose a little more than that but I think slow and steady progress is the way to go – alright there might be the odd day or two where you jeopardise yourself by eating a little bit more than you should but if you are making a general effort of getting into good habits, the overall vector should be headed right where you want to go. We haven’t set out specific goals, which some might say is setting up for failure, but we’re aiming for a more flexible, mature and moderate approach to bodybuilding where it doesn’t dominate one’s life. Really, we’re going for a lifestyle, and we’re seeing the weekly meets as a chance to meet up and socialise as well as get fit. There’s no doubt there’s always a little bit of competition going on which is good because it helps us to reach our limits. So far AC has been winning the lion’s share of the comps as the most experienced bodybuilder, but we all have different strengths and approaches and are coming at this from different angles, which makes it interesting. SW has the most interest in the big lifts such as the squat and deadlift and is more of a weight-lifter, JN is keen to build his fitness for the ski season and is the likeliest to develop a six-pack, and AC is the likeliest to crush 10 reps at 100kg on the bench with his huge upper body. We’re all hoping with small changes and persistence we’ll end up just that bit better than where we are now. Who knows how far we could go?

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