Grinding away

Did just a lone workout yesterday as for one reason or the other the boys couldn’t make it. I could feel that I wasn’t going to get an extra rep on the bench press – the first warm up set felt heavy and the second set, with the full weight, I only just grounded out rep 5, my current maximum, seriously slow. So the third set I did military press. I managed to get an extra rep on that.

I have been wondering how to split the various planes with the upper body (e.g military press, bench press, dips) without, say, doing them all and having a really long and exhausting workout, or having a setup where you apportion weeks to one and rest the other planes, but what I did today seems to be a good model… i.e. do no more than three sets, but alternate between them as you feel. I’m quite bench-press oriented as I think I might want to compete one day in a powerlifting competition. But in theory, at least, I can balance out the lifts, as I did today. The bench press warmed up my military press effectively. Perhaps another time I’ll use dips to warm up my bench.

So just to clarify, the plan is to do no more than 3 sets for lower, 3 push and 3 pull (today that was the bent-over row¬†and cleaning between the military presses). The first set I warm up with the last weight I passed the 10 rep mark. I then have two sets to try and beat my PB, but it could be a PB on a different lift other than the bench press. I’m glad with how it worked today, because even though getting a PB on the bench press felt like trying to punch through a brick wall, I got a PB on the military press.

Each lift of the different planes should get enough emphasis so it’s not left out for too long. I was in and out in about 50 minutes, which I think is a reasonable time for a workout, and much quicker than how I used to workout.

Crushed the deadlift today by adding two extra reps then upping the weight. Building back up to my former PBs – the bench press is closest and the deadlift the furthest away. There’s no point in publishing those as we are only as good as our last lift!

I have to say I’m loving lifting again – it’s giving my life a purpose. It’s so exciting to go to bed one night knowing that you’re tackling the iron the following day and going for a PB.

I’ve reached a plateau in terms of losing weight. I think I’m happy to just maintain for now, and let the lifts go up. If I were to compete I would try and get myself in the 83kg category.

Cheers guys.

FOB Bests

SW : Bodyweight: 87kg

Squat – 115kg * 5

Deadlift -145.5kg * 6

Bench – 97kg * 5

Military press – 57kg * 5

Chin-up – *8

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