Joining up with a friend

Food Only Bodybuilding has been given a new lease of life! My great friend Jamie has decided that he wants to tone up. I need to do the same thing, but we’re starting from different directions – Jamie is skinny, and I’m overweight. We’ve taken before-the-transition pictures but since they aren’t very flattering we’re going to save them until we have some decent ‘after’ pics.

We’ve basically got a plan of working out a minimum of twice a week. We have ‘full body Friday’ where we do a circuit at Jamie’s house, and do some wights and chinups and a ‘Stamina Wednesday’ where we go for a run. Quite a simple formula. One concept that we’ve also introduced is that of ‘active recovery’ so we’re now doing 10 pressups every time we go to bed or get out of bed and a 1-minute ski sit before watching TV.

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