I’ve lost my balls!

I have had two hole-in-ones playing golf. The first hole in one was at a short par 3 locally (circa 70 yards) the second at an award-winning design golf course also locally (circa 140 yards). Both times I was playing alone… I had them somewhere in the house but I can’t find them right now. I rather got angry because of this so I did some exercise (they did eventually turn up). I’ve just done 27 pressups (think I failed on the 28th) and about 100 single-arm rows with a 7kg bar, and now I’m going out for a run. Charlie Puth recommends never mixing your brands, and I like Puma, so I got dressed ready for a late night run, but ended up working on my websites. That’s my life for ya! Anyway I feel calmer now for doing something positive. Here’s a pic of me.

I used to think of myself as more of a sprinter/weightlifter but see the importance of stamina too now, particularly after an old mate described me as a ‘tank’ once – he was playing a lot of squash and I was just hitting the weights up all the time. He actually inspired me to start doing more running.

I’ll use this site for more detailed comment on progress. I’ll keep photos and videos on the Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/foodonlybodybuilding/.

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